Sahit Chintalapudi

Hi, I'm Sahit! I build intelligent robots.

I am a Ph. D student at MIT in the Learning and Intelligent Systems Lab, advised by Professors Leslie Kaelbling and Tomas Lozano-Perez. My interests span Motion Planning, Control, Manipulation, and Reinforcement Learning.

I completed my undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I studied Computer Science with concentrations in Intelligence and Theory. While at Georgia Tech I was an undergraduate research assistant in the Robot Learning Lab, directed by Dr. Byron Boots. My research focused on Model-Predictive Control and online motion planning.

I studied footstep planning for humanoid robots with the Search Based Planning Lab advised by Dr. Maxim Likhachev at Carnegie Mellon University as a part of the Robotics Institute Summer Scholars program over the summer of 2018. The next summer, I interned in the Human-Centered Robots Lab advised by Dr. Maya Cakmak at the University of Washington where I developed controllers for mobile manipulators. In 2020, I was a Research Engineering Intern at DeepMind, where I worked on curricula generation for manipulators as part of the robotics lab.

When I'm not playing with robots, I like to read, listen to music, play chess, doodle, and play tennis/squash/ping pong.